Why Coaching Pros Staffing?

A word from our CEO:

It is no secret employees’ overturn and finding qualified people to employ has been a difficult situation for most personal injury law firms in town. There is a shortage of qualified people, specifically for pre-litigation case managers. Due to this scarcity, we hire those with little experience and hope that they will learn as they go. We only end up preparing them for failure by doing this, since they are unlikely to be able to learn at the speed required to move the files along.  

The result is employees who only last 3-5 months in an office, because either they resign or get fired due to constant mistakes. The same employees then go to other law firms and apply with the limited experience they gained at the previous office, thus continuing the cycle of employee overturn. 

At Coaching Pros, we offer a solution to this problem by assist you in finding the best candidate to add to your team, as well as capacitating them to be work ready in only one week. Training can be a powerful medium when there is proof that the root cause of the learning need is an undeveloped skill or a knowledge deficit. 

With over 30 years of experience in Personal Injury, we understand the local job market and the needs of hiring managers in the Personal Injury Industry.


  1. Scouting and selecting candidates.
  2. Conduct initial interviews.
  3. Selected candidates will be sent to your office for interview.
  4. Candidate approved by your office will be scheduled for their training.
  5. Hired trainee will begin their one-week training in the following topics of pre-litigation case management:
    Understanding an Auto Policy
    Intake and Liability
    Opening a New File
    Property Damage
    Medical Treatment & Case Value
    Preparing a Demand
    Settlement & Disbursal 

With our staffing company’s experts by your side, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get qualified employees that will be ready to get started on day one. 


After completing our training program, students are prepared to work in a variety of professions related to injury claims. 

Personal Injury Law Firms
• Case Manager
• Case manger assistant
• Intake specialist
• Medical records department
• Receptionist 

Insurance Offices
Agent assistant

Medical Offices
Office assistant
Patient coordinator
Med legal department 

Auto Body Shops
Client services


$ 1,500
  • Scout and interview potential candidates.
  • Send you the best fit, based on your needs.
  • Upon hiring, a one-week training will be scheduled to capacitate your new hire.

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