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There is a high demand for qualified case managers at Las Vegas law firms, body shops, chiropractors, imaging centers, and more.
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meaningful career?

Look no further than CP Personal Injury Academy – your gateway to a better, more fulfilling career. Our program offers comprehensive training in personal injury case management, empowering individuals without higher education to revolutionize their job opportunities.

Discover an easy-to-understand curriculum designed to unlock a world of opportunities. From preparing case files to managing insurance claims, we provide step-by-step instruction that equips you for success in various sectors, such as law firms, body shops, chiropractors, imaging centers, and more.

As a licensed program approved by the Nevada Commission of Postsecondary Education, and a trusted part of the College of Southern Nevada’s academic program, our mission is simple: ensure every student graduates with a personal injury case management certificate and kick-starts a rewarding career.

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    Courses / Seminars

    CLEs Most attorneys meet their MCLE requirements by taking approved CLE programs accredited by their jurisdiction. Coaching Pros Personal Injury Academy is approved by the Nevada Board Of Continuing Legal Education to provide CLE credits to attorneys.

    Basic Foundations of Pre-Litigation

    Certificate of completion

    For Beginners

    Priced From

    $ 500 / Per class
    • 8 classes over 8 weeks
    • Saturdays only
    • 9am to 12pm

    Are you ready to embark on an exciting career in the legal field? Look no further than our Basic Foundations of Pre-Litigation course. By enrolling in this course, you open the doors to a wide range of career fields in personal injury medical management, including roles in the legal and healthcare industries. This comprehensive 8-week program is specifically designed to prepare you for the exciting and dynamic world of personal injury claims.

    Among other tasks, students will learn to: open a claim, understand insurance policies and limits, handle property damage for clients, manage medical treatment for clients, draft demands, and prepare a file for disbursement. Upon completion and a passing grade for the course, students receive a Certificate in Personal Injury Case Management. Don’t miss this chance to pursue a career in legal advocacy. Enroll today and unleash your potential for a rewarding career at the forefront of personal injury.

    • Lesson 1:  Understanding an Auto Policy
    • Lesson 2:  Intake, Liability, Investigation
    • Lesson 3:  Opening a New Claim
    • Lesson 4:  Property Damage
    • Lesson 5:  Medical Treatment
    • Lesson 6:  Demand Preparation
    • Lesson 7:  Disbursal Process
    • Lesson 8:  Final Assessment

    Basic Foundations
    of Litigation

    No Certification


    Tuition Price

    $ 1200 / 1 day
    • 1 Day of class
    • Fridays
    • 9am to 3pm

    This program is intended for those who want to learn the basic stages of a civil lawsuit in a personal injury case. Students will learn about the court structure and court filings.

    They will also learn the basics of drafting basic pleadings, the steps to filing a complaint, and discovery methods.

    • Introduction to Civil 
    • Litigation
    • Pleadings
    • Discovery
    • Preparing for Trial
    • Alternatives to Litigation
    • Final

    Claims Negotiation

    No Certification


    Tuition Price

    $ 1500 / 1 day
    • 1 Day of class
    • TBA, starting in 2024

    Are you tired of settling for less in your professional life? This seminar will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to begin your career as a personal injury claims negotiator.

    Learn effective negotiation strategies. Our expert instructors will guide you through proven techniques and strategies to help you achieve the best possible outcomes in personal injury claims negotiation. This seminar is intended for senior case managers that wish to continue their career in the Personal Injury industry.

    • Coming soon in 2024

    Personal Injury
    Pre-Litigation Department Operations

    No Certification


    Tuition Price

    $ 1500 / 1 day
    • 1 Day of class
    • TBA, starting in 2024

    Are you looking to expand your skill set and gain a competitive advantage in the personal injury field? Our Personal Injury Prelitigation Department Operations Seminar is the perfect opportunity to enhance your knowledge and expertise in this specialized area.

    Your ability to streamline operations and achieve exceptional results will set you apart in the industry. This seminar is intended for senior case managers that wish to continue their career in the Personal Injury industry.

    • Coming soon in 2024

    CLE Credits

    Each 3 hour class is 3 general credits. Fee: $350 per class.
    The full Basic Foundations of Pre-Litigation course is 24 general credits. Fee: $2750.00


    Meet Our Instructors

    CP Personal Injury Academy & CSN

    CSN Program

    College of Southern Nevada is Nevada’s largest and most ethnically diverse college-level institution, ensuring that students thrive no matter their background or culture. CSN takes your potential seriously, whether you’re looking for your dream job, starting a new career, or returning to the workforce.
    As a fully accredited institution, CSN offers hundreds of degrees and certificates in 70 academic areas, with 26 degree programs offered entirely online.

    With the lowest tuition rates in Southern Nevada and classes offered at all hours, evenings, weekends, and online, CSN provides an affordable and flexible approach to your education. 

    Beginning January 2023, Coaching Pros Personal Injury Academy offers the course “Personal Injury Case Management” through CSN within the Division of Workforce & Economic Development. Enrolling through CSN gives students the option of attending class at various CSN locations, as well as the opportunity to obtain financial aid.

    The College of Southern Nevada’s Division of Workforce & Economic Development was established in 2005 to meet the training needs of Southern Nevada’s workforce and employers. The Division is an entrepreneurial and self-supporting arm of CSN that works with the region’s business and key industry sectors in the assessment, design and implementation of customized curricula and training programs. It also provides services to students, employers, employees, and adult learners seeking education opportunities, new skills and career advancement.

    Start dates and locations can be viewed on the CSN website once you have created your student profile.

    Click here to Enroll through CSN

    1. ADMISSIONS > Guest and Non-Credit Students
    2. Go to Section: Non-Credit Students
    3. Non-Credit Students
      Thanks for your interest in CSN’s non-credit courses.
      Our Division of Workforce and Economic Development provides customized training and non-credit personal enrichment courses in a variety of subjects.
        • Explore the available courses online
        • When you’re ready to enroll in a course, login or create an account
        • After adding the course to your cart, pay your fees and enjoy your class!
    1. Once you have created your profile, click on Explore the available courses online.
    2. Click on Continuing Education >> Professional Development.
    3. Click on Personal Injury Case Management course to add to your cart.
    4. Complete the steps to pay your fees.
    5. Keep in mind the start dates and location.
    6. Welcome to the “Personal Injury Case Management” course.

    Job seekers who are out of work, and who need training to change career paths or improve their job skills, may be eligible for financial assistance through two federal programs – the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program. The goal of these programs is to help the unemployed find a new position in a field that offers promising career opportunities. Your local workforce development office can help you learn if you are eligible for financial assistance under either of these two programs.

    Workforce Innovation and
    Opportunity Act Training

    The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was established in 2014 and created “one stop” workforce centers in each state that bring a full range of job seeker assistance services together under one roof. For job seekers who qualify, financial assistance can be used to enroll in training and/or classes delivered through an approved provider (typically a college or a training school), and pay for course fees, books, and other materials.

    If you are interested in attending classes or training using this financial aid, you must contact the workforce development office in your area to determine your eligibility and begin the process of applying for a training account.

    Book an appointment at a Nevada Job Connect office for more information on how to obtain financial aid.



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