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Why Join Coaching Pros Legal Case Managers Association

Our purpose is to have Case Managers bond together as they advocate for their peers and share their challenges and triumphs with one another. Our Association provides an advantage because our members become active and informed in the industry. We are a professional association formed to unite and inform people who work in the same occupation. Joining the Legal Case Managers Association gives Case Managers who are still looking for work the chance to apply for job opportunities. Talk to us about your needs, and we will assist you. We will conduct career conferences that help experienced Case Managers advance or take their careers to the next level. These meetings feature career professionals that help Case Managers improve how they craft their resumes to obtain coveted positions. Membership also provides new Case Managers with the invaluable chance to network with more experienced professionals who can mentor them while they are learning the ropes.
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The Association holds informational meetings, which update Case Managers on various issues that affect their jobs. These meetings keep Case Managers updated on all legal industry changes and technological tools that make their work easier.
  • Continued legal education
  • Network with local Case Managers, Paralegals and Attorneys
  • Job placement assistance
  • You can automatically be enrolled once you complete our Personal Injury Case Management program
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