Coaching Pros offers multiple services related to Personal Injury aimed at individuals and companies who want to revolutionize their job opportunities or have a need to reinvent themselves. The services Coaching Pros offer are:


Personal Injury Academy

CP Personal Injury Academy is dedicated to training, enhancing and developing skills in individuals who are interested in starting a new career or strengthening their current one. We train and prepare students, attorneys, chiropractors, body shops, just to name a few, to handle all aspects of a personal injury claim.



Coaching Pros provides case management consulting services for personal injury law firms.  Our team of professionals will assist you in developing a plan of action to solve issues that your pre-litigation department might be encountering.



Let us assist you in finding the best candidate to add to your team, as well as capacitating them to be work ready. Get the people you want with the skills you need through CP Legal Staffing.


Remote Assistant

The Remote Assistance service consists of assigning a trained virtual case manager to support your pre-litigation department. Our remote assistants have the knowledge to support your office in all prelitigation processing of a claim.  When signing up for a remote assistant you will have the guarantee that all tasks will be supervised and guided by our Founder Jackie Villeda.



Our purpose is for Case Managers to bond together as they advocate for their peers and share their challenges and triumphs with one another. Our Association provides a competitive advantage because our members become active and informed in the industry.

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