Coaching Pros for Personal Injury, LLC, now offers membership plans that make training for your staff affordable.  Your staff can train in our four-week intensive workshop program developed and supervised by senior case managers and personal injury professionals.  Workshops are offered in person and online once per week.

All annual memberships include access to

  • Match job searchers with job openings
  • Up to 15% discount on our personal injury Remote Assistant service
  • Confirmation of workshop completion for your staff members
  • Invitation to special events

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Our personal injury workshops are made specifically to maximize efficiency and case value for your office.

Our services are divided into three annual membership plans.  Each plan has a global limit to the number of staff that can be trained and a limit of staff members that can be enrolled for each workshop.

per year

savings up to $1,502

  • Allows training for 1 to 3 staff members globally
  • 1 staff member enrolled per workshop cycle

per year

Savings up to $3,004

  • Allows training for 4 to 6 staff members globally
  • 2 staff members enrolled per workshop cycle

per year

savings up to $4,506
(two-part payment plan available)
  • Allows training for 7 to 10 staff members globally
  • 3 staff members enrolled per workshop cycle

Let us be your PI training facility. Join now!

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