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Was created with the community in mind, specifically the bilingual community, as a launching pad for individuals who want a sustainable, dependable, and well-paying career without needing a college degree or GED.

Personal Injury Academy was created to help empower those who might not have a sustainable and dependable income source due to a lack of formal education.
Coaching Pros

The founder of Personal Injury Academy saw a clear need in the community for a program that could offer a fast & affordable pathway into a secure and lucrative career field, such as the legal field.

Through Personal Injury Academy, in as little as 8 classes, individuals can begin their career in the legal field as a case manager in personal injury.

To allow for easier access for the public, Personal Injury Academy is also being offered through the College of Southern Nevada’s Workforce Development program and eligible individuals may qualify for financial assistance through this program.

Personal Injury Academy’s course is designed to give driven and eager individuals the skills, training, and confidence to become a part of this industry.

This 8-class course is taught by accredited professionals such as local judge, Anna Albertson, and founder Jacqueline Villeda, who will use her over 25 years of experience to equip students for success and even help place them into the workforce upon completion.

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Jacqueline Villeda

25 Years of Experience

Founder of Coaching Pros Personal Injury Academy

Jacqueline Villeda

Senior Case Manager

Jacqueline Villeda is a Senior Case Manager, author of the book “You’ve Crashed, What Now?”, legal consultant for personal injury law firms, and the Founder of Coaching Pros Personal Injury Academy.

Jacqueline studied business administration, management, human resources, and leadership while raising her two boys. She started in the personal injury industry when she was only 25 years old as a receptionist.

Working her way up from case manager to senior case manager to office manager to chief of operations, she eventually acquired almost 30 years of experience during which she opened her own business as a legal consultant. She wanted to help those who were unable to continue their education or unable to obtain a high school diploma for different reasons.

As part of her desire to help others achieve fulfilling careers, Jacqueline began training people to become case managers in 2010. In 2018, she launched her formal business and to date has served law firms and chiropractors in town by way of training their employees and attorneys. She is highly respected in the field by these professionals because of her knowledge and experience.


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